Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dreaming in Photoshop...

I don't get to work on the house every day, but sometimes I can't make it through the whole day without at least *imagining* I get to work on the house.  So that's what I did at work today.  I photoshop-renovated the garage.

If you need a reminder, the front of my house looks like this.

The Garage, currently looks like [the bottom half of] this.

And here's what I did today:

I've been taking inspiration from pictures of children's play houses, cottages and ornate sheds on Google Image Search.  But for the board & batten one, I'm both drawing inspiration from the Tiny Victorian Cottage, and Pink Toes and Power Tools, while the second one is drawing from my house and the appeal of having the finished garage match the rest of the property.  The turquoise accents are just my attempt at adding color without painting yet another door red.  

Please excuse my not taking a picture after cleaning up the tree slaughterhouse in my back yard.

For your enjoyment, some inspiration photos:





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