Monday, June 20, 2011


My phone has informed me that Plexiglas has only one "s" in it.  So this is a disclaimer that if you see it typed as such, it is not a typo!

I installed Plexiglas this weekend!!!!  The windows in my garage door have been busted out or missing since I bought the house, and there were only hanging bits of plastic where windows should have been.  Now that I've replaced the side door on the garage and straightened out the garage door, I finally got around to sealing the remaining openings so that fewer critters would make it into the garage.

Now, when you see the pictures you will probably wonder why I bothered going to the trouble of installing the plexiglas when I haven't painted the door yet.  There was a reason for this.  My garage has quite the insect problem.  Mosquitoes and wasps have been making a home of the building for a long time and make a meal out of me every time I work on it.  Fogging the garage while there were big gaping holes in the walls didn't seem very efficient.  So, I installed the windows and left the film on the inside and fogged the heck out of it last night.  When I go back in to air it out, I will remove the remaining plastic film from the insides of the windows.

Repair Pr0n!

Also, since I believe I didn't do an official "side door" entry, here's the before and after:



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  1. Looks like that roof is starting to sag a touch. Need a hand or two?