Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I'm no interior designer.  I'll be the first to admit it.  But I'm a bit of a junkie for it and am always looking at images and saving them as inspiration for my own home.  After I chose the color for my living room and moved on to bigger, more important projects, I've felt trapped into the scrub-blue color that was SUPPOSED to be sort of a gray-blue.  I looked many times for blue living rooms to give me ideas for what to DO with this color, because I can't start over at the moment and re-paint.  I will eventually, but so many other projects have to come first.


Yesterday, this little room showed up on The Lettered Cottage!
They were interviewing Kim Myles for her episode of HGTV'd and do you see that?  She used a VERY similar color on that living room.  On purpose!
My faith in the potential of my living room is bolstered and I'm thinking of purple curtains.  Even the rug in the "before" room looks like what I have in here and she uses black furniture in the after :D

Now how do I make my couch yellow?

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