Saturday, June 19, 2010

playing in SketchUp

I try to use online paint visualizing software, but the problem with it is, they only let you do one room at a time.  Maybe with a view into a hall of some kind.  My living room looks into my dining room which looks into my kitchen (which looks into a nook.)  Essentially, you end up seeing 4 spaces at once from the front door, 3 if I keep the nook the same as the rest of the kitchen.  Two rooms will not let me see how three or four colors will look next to each other.  So I tried it with sketchup.

I really want to paint my kitchen a bright turquoise, but that will never look good next to that gray blue I have my heart set on for the living room.  If my house doesn't end up looking like grandma's, or a thrift store, it might end up looking like the MAC eyeshadow display.  There are just too many colors to choose from..

1 comment:

  1. I started thinking it would be nice if you kitchen and dining room didn't really have a wall between them. I know, but a girl can dream.