Sunday, October 24, 2010


Remember how I was working on the kitchen?  Yeah.. well I was helping someone move and she had a nice looooong, organized closet.  I have this:

That closet on the right is the one with pipes retrofitted into it.  Moisture = not good for clothes!!

This is what I eventually want to do

I want to flip the tiny bedroom closet into the bathroom for a pantry.  Then, i want to close in the old doorway and frame and build an 8' closet in that corner of the room.  I think that corner is pretty much unusable anyway, and the bedroom needs a modern closet if you ask me.

For now, since I'm not framing any new walls at least until I finish the kitchen, I went to Home Depot and bought closet organizing hardware and build a temporary closet area in the corner of my bedroom.

I was worried that the walls wouldn't support the weight of all my clothes, so I was extra thorough in mounting it.  I used screws and anchors in the studs, then put toggle bolts in the holes that didn't have studs behind them.  I think it's pretty secure.  Unfortunately, I got shelves that were a little bit too long.  So I'm going to return one of the shelves and the corresponding rod, replace it with shorter ones and use the rounded rod to make that corner usable.  Add some fancy hangers and my extensive wardrobe, and I have a closet!

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment just now :) Nice to know I have some readers left in the South? And your are renovating! So smart to blog about it!