Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back on again!

Today I started working on the house again, and it feels gooood.

I picked out some paint samples at Lowes and put them on the walls and got started removing more painted over wall paper.  Using my handy-dandy thrift store purchased steamer, it came off like a candy wrapper, no problem, right?!


The wallpaper was applied directly on top of the drywall paper.  So off it came.  I've done a little research and learned that I will probably have to put a "skim coat" of drywall compound over it to give it a new surface.  That is, if i don't want to put a thin layer of drywall over what's there (and I don't.)  Luckily, my research didn't stop there.  I then learned that if I don't want bubbles, I'd better SEAL the paper first before applying any compound.  


My hero was re-caulking my tub.  Whoever re-did the bathroom last removed some of the walls, put drywall on top of others, and installed a tub/shower surround over PEG BOARD.  Seriously.  I have pegboard walls.  And, of course, painted over wallpaper.  

The surround had a border of caulk strip between it and the tub and it was pulling away, leaving an adhesive exposed to collect dirt and other nastiness.  Gross!  He peeled it off, cleaned up the messy caulk underneath, and put down a nice, clean bead of caulk like a pro.  

This is still a temporary solution, as I have every intention of taking it all down and putting up a proper tile surround.

P.S. Do not EVER do a Google Image Search for "rubber caulk strip" without turning safe search ON!!!