Monday, July 5, 2010

What I'm doing in Sketchup

I've been talking to people about Sketchup, and I feel like the general consensus is that it can do some cool stuff, especially considering what's available for free.. but that it's not easy to use.

I find it completely un-intuitive, but little by little I've become addicted to it, and I'm using it to create a scale model of my house as it is right now.  I'm finding it incredibly helpful just because when I'm not working on the house and I get an idea, I get to try it in sketchup without drawing it on the back of a receipt:)

Anyway, because I've been jabbering about it and couldn't show people tonight, here is where  I am right now:

I just realized that (at least on my screen) the quality is really poor, I used "grab" to take the picture, I'll upload a better one later.

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